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Paleo Food Delivered 🥩🦐📦

100% Grass-Fed Beef

Local, Grass-fed & Grass Finished Beef

Straight from the docks to your door.


Paleo Provisions

Seasonal availability of a wide variety of specialty paleo provisions: raw honeycomb, pastured eggs (chicken and quail), mushrooms and more.

Paleo Pet Treats

Paleo pet treats made from all grass-fed and grass-finished beef organs, tendons, tripe and muscle.


For serious meat-eaters, our bulk bundles of grass-fed and grass-finished beef provide cost savings while ensuring a steady supply of nutrient-rich, pasture-raised protein. We offer a Quarter, Half and Whole Cow Bundles to stock your freezer with a reliable source of healthy and clean grass-fed and finished meat.

Our vacuum sealing process locks in freshness and flavor, extending the shelf life of your meat while preserving its natural goodness. With each package meticulously sealed, you can enjoy the taste of the wild for longer periods without compromising on quality.

I am very selective about the meat that I feed my family. I want to know that it comes from animals that are fed and cared for. I want to know it comes from farmers that are local and interested in our community. I get this by buying from Wild Man Foods.

Casey had been providing us with the best quality local meats for years and I can always count on him to bring the best!
Jason Gonos - Ppm.solar - Gainesville, Florida
I've been buying meat, seafood, and honey from Casey at Wildman Foods since moving back to Gainesville in 2017. His grass-fed ribeye steaks and hot dogs are my go to for barbecues--highest quality and flavor in Gainesville! Casey's smoked fish dip and smoked arctic char are my weekend treats...so good. And now that he has lion's mane mushrooms, I sauté a batch as a dinner main course. I also highly recommend his mushroom stew. This is supreme comfort food--bone broth, meaty chunks of mushrooms, and a hearty flavor profile--simply delicious.
RD, Lead Consultant at AM Crawford
Casey is a leader with true integrity, providing the highest quality of food to the community. I only purchase red meat from his establishment because it is clear to me that other options fail to give me what I need. Too all of the women of the world, I highly recommend investing in the smoked trout to support the health of their womb. Since eating his product I have experience sustainable energy and deep healing of my personal cycles, now that I am feeding my body what it needs to live well. Beyond the protein selections, his soup and mushrooms are on another level. You are what you eat and wild man foods makes me feel that I am responsible and capable of building a life that I can be proud of. I have a degree as an environmental scientist that studied global food systems at the Honors College of Florida and I know that investing in his food not only takes care of me, but also the world that I live in and love.
Johannah Birney