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Grass-fed Cow Bundles

For serious meat-eaters, our bulk bundles of grass-fed and grass-finished beef provide cost savings while ensuring a steady supply of nutrient-rich, pasture-raised protein. The Quarter Cow Bundle consists of approx. 120 lbs of premium boneless grass-finished steaks, roasts and ground beef at only $11.95 lb.  The Half Cow Bundle doubles the quantity of nutrient-rich, pasture-raised protein and increases savings at approx. $10.95 lb. Go wild with the Whole Cow Bundle and keep 490 lbs of meat to yourself at only $9.90 lb or divvy it up among the pack. 

Buying in bulk ensures that a reliable source of healthy and clean meat is readily available to you and the people you care about. Our vacuum sealing process locks in freshness and flavor, extending the shelf life of your meat while preserving its natural goodness. With each package meticulously sealed, you can enjoy the taste of the wild for longer periods without compromising on quality. 

Place your deposit today and get ready to fuel your inner beast with a bounty of the highest quality, locally sourced grass-fed and grass-finished steaks, roasts and ground beef at a fiercely low price.
Grass-fed Cow Bundles